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How the effective boson-boson interaction works in Bose-Fermi mixtures in periodic geometries

  • G. MazzarellaEmail author
Laser Cooling and Quantum Gas


We study mixtures of spinless bosons and not spin-polarized fermions loaded in two dimensional optical lattices. We approach the problem of the ground state stability within the framework of the linear response theory; by the mean of an iterative procedure, we are able to obtain a relation for the dependence of boson-boson effective interaction on the absolute temperature of the sample. Proceeding from such a formula, we write down analytical expressions for supersolid (SS) and phase separation (PS) transition temperatures, and plot the phase diagrams.


37.10.Jk Atoms in optical lattices 


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  1. 1.Dipartimento di Fisica “G. Galilei”Università degli Studi di PadovaPadovaItaly

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