Three-dimensional growth characteristics of antimony aggregates on graphite

  • S. A. Scott
  • S. A. BrownEmail author
Clusters and Nanostructures


The growth of antimony aggregates on the basal plane of graphite via diffusion and aggregation of Sb4 clusters has been investigated with scanning electron microscopy, and in 3-dimensions with atomic force microscopy. The aggregate morphologies depend critically on the deposition conditions. It is shown that a transition from compact to branched morphologies with increasing aggregate size, depends on the particle flux. Also, the aggregate heights are strongly influenced by flux, with higher fluxes producing flatter aggregates. The heights of individual island branches are also shown to depend on the local diffusion field.


68.43.Jk Diffusion of adsorbates, kinetics of coarsening and aggregation 61.46.-w Nanoscale materials 81.16.Dn Self-assembly 


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  1. 1.Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of CanterburyThe MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and NanotechnologyChristchurchNew Zealand

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