The Ne II spectrum

  • A. E. KramidaEmail author
  • G. Nave
Atomic Physics


Spectra of neon-filled hollow cathode discharge lamps were observed by means of high-resolution Fourier-transform spectroscopy (FTS) covering the region from vacuum ultraviolet to near infrared. By combining these new measurements with results of other FTS and grating spectroscopy observations, we compiled a complete list of approximately 1700 spectral lines of Ne II covering the range from 324 Å to 130000 Å. All known energy levels of Ne II were derived from this line list with improved accuracy. The newly optimized energy levels were used to derive a set of Ritz wavelength standards in the vacuum ultraviolet that are in good agreement with the previously used data. An improved classification of energy levels was made with the help of parametric calculations, and the existing controversy in the naming of strongly mixed levels was resolved.


32.10.Fn Fine and hyperfine structure 32.30.Jc Visible and ultraviolet spectra 32.30.Bv Radio-frequency, microwave, and infrared spectra 31.15.Ct Semi-empirical and empirical calculations (differential overlap, Huckel, PPP methods, etc.) 95.30.Ky Atomic and molecular data, spectra, and spectral parameters (opacities, rotation constants, line identification, oscillator strengths, gf values, transition probabilities, etc.) 


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