Instability of circularly polarized electro-kinetic waves in magnetized ion-implanted semiconductor plasmas

  • S. GhoshEmail author
  • P. Thakur
Plasma Physics


Based on the hydrodynamical model of plasmas, an analytical investigation of a transverse electro-kinetic wave and the novel properties introduced due to the presence of negatively charged colloidal particles in a compensated, magnetized group III-V semiconductor plasma is presented. We derive a compact linear dispersion relation for left-hand circularly polarized electro-kinetic waves in an ion-implanted semiconductor plasma by using multi-fluid analysis and Maxwell's equations. This dispersion relation is used to study numerically wave phenomena and the resultant instability of the left-hand circularly polarized mode. It is found that the presence of charged colloids significantly modify the dispersion and absorption characteristics of possible modes even though colloidal particles on account of their heavy masses do not participate in wave propagation. One out of the two modes is always found to be spatially growing with the growth rate increasing with the electric field.


Neural Network Wave Propagation Dispersion Relation Absorption Characteristic Quantum Computing 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Studies in Physics, Vikram UniversityUjjainIndia

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