Stark broadening parameters of the 381.96 nm He I line

  • A. Srećković
  • S. BukvićEmail author
  • S. Djeniže


Stark width (W) and shift (d) of the neutral helium (He I) 381.96 nm spectral line in the high lying 2p-6d transition has been measured in the optically thin linear, low-pressure, pulsed arc discharge operated in the helium at 50 000 K electron temperature and 6.1 x 1022 m-3 electron density. These values are the first experimentally obtained W and d related to this line. Unfortunately, comparison with theoretical results is not possible due to the fact that only one existing theoretical calculations has been done at a 1019 m-3 electron density only. We have found negative line shift (toward the blue) that agree well with existing theoretical predictions.


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