CDF Run 2 muon system

  • C.M. Ginsburg
PS14 Detectors and Data Handling


The CDF muon detection system for Run 2 of the Fermilab Tevatron is described. Muon stubs are detected for \(|\eta|<1.5\), and are matched to tracks in the central drift chamber at trigger level 1 for \(|\eta|<1.25\). Detectors in the \(|\eta|<1\) central region, built for previous runs, have been enhanced to survive the higher rate environment and closer bunch spacing (3.5 μsec to 396 nsec) of Run 2. Azimuthal gaps in the central region have been filled in. New detectors have been added to extend the coverage from \(|\eta| < 1\) to \(|\eta| < 1.5\), consisting of four layers of drift chambers covered with matching scintillators for triggering. The Level 1 Extremely Fast Tracker supplies matching tracks with measured pT for the muon trigger. The system has been in operation for over 18 months. Operating experience and reconstructed data are presented.

PACS: 14.60.Ef Muons – 29.40.Gx Tracking and position-sensitive detectors – 29.40.Mc Scintillation detectors – 3.38.-b Decays of intermediate bosons – 13.25.Gv Decays of J/psi, Upsilon, and other quarkonia 13.20.-v Leptonic and semileptonic decays of mesons


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