Dark matter search at Boulby mine

  • Roland Lüscher
PS13 Particle Astrophysics (dark matter)


The Boulby Dark Matter Collaboration is running a WIMP Dark Matter research programme in the underground laboratory of Boulby Mine. The programme is based on (1) liquid Xenon (LXe) as the WIMP target and (2) directional detection in low pressure gas detectors. ZEPLIN-1 is a 3.1kg of LXe scintillation detector with a background discrimination based on Pulse Shape Analysis. Current status of the experiment will be shown. Setups with improved background discrimination tools are commissioned: ZEPLIN-2 and ZEPLIN-3 will be installed underground in early 2004. These are important steps towards the design of a ton-scale LXe Dark Matter detector array. The DRIFT programme relies on discrimination by tracking and directional detection. As the earth’s rotation changes the flux angle of Galactic WIMPs, a daily modulation in terms of direction is expected. A low pressure 1m3 chamber (DRIFT-1) is currently taking data. A setup with increased volume and spatial resolution is being designed.

PACS: 95.35.+d Dark matter (stellar, interstellar, galactic, and cosmological)


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