Experimental tests of the standard model

  • P.S. Wells
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Tests of the electroweak sector of the Standard Model are reviewed. The majority of new results come from LEP and the Tevatron. There are also developments in experimental input to the theoretical prediction of the muon (g–2). The Standard Model successfully describes diverse measurements over a range of energy scales. The largest discrepancies are only at the three standard deviation level, with no strong hint for physics beyond the Standard Model.

PACS: 12.15.-y Electroweak interactions – 13.40.Em Electric and magnetic moments – 13.66.Fg Gauge and Higgs bosons in e+e – 13.66.Jn Precision measurements in e+e – 13.85.-t Hadron induced high-E interactions – 14.65.Ha Top quarks – 14.70.Fm W bosons – 14.70.Hp Z bosons – 14.80.Bn SM Higgs


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