On inclusive gluon jet production off the nucleus in perturbative QCD

  • M. A. BraunEmail author
Theoretical Physics


In the perturbative QCD approach single and double inclusive cross-sections for gluon production off the nucleus are studied by the relevant reggeized gluon diagrams. Various terms corresponding to emission of gluons from the triple pomeron vertex are found. Among them the term derived by Kovchegov and Tuchin emerges as a result of the transition from the diffractive to effective high-energy vertex. However it does not exhaust all the vertex contributions to the inclusive cross-section. In the double inclusive cross-section a contribution violating the naive AGK rules is found in which one gluon is emitted from the vertex and the other from one of the two pomerons below the vertex. But then this contribution is subdominant at high energies and taking it into account seems to be questionable.


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