Erratum to: The minimal axion minimal linear \(\sigma \) model

  • L. MerloEmail author
  • F. Pobbe
  • S. Rigolin
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1 Erratum to: Eur. Phys. J. C

In this Erratum we clarify that in contrast to the statements made in the article the bounds on the axion coupling to two W’s and to two Z’s obtained from mono-W and mono-Z searches at the LHC are the following:
$$\begin{aligned} |g_{aWW}|\lesssim 1.6\times 10^{-3}\text { GeV}^{-1},\quad |g_{aZZ}|\lesssim 8\times 10^{-4}\text { GeV}^{-1}\,. \end{aligned}$$
The corresponding limits in terms of \(f_a/c_i\) are given by:
$$\begin{aligned} \dfrac{f_a}{|c_{aWW}|}\gtrsim 0.7\text { GeV},\quad \dfrac{f_a}{|c_{aZZ}|}\gtrsim 1.4\text { GeV}\,. \end{aligned}$$
This change has interesting phenomenological effects as the scale \(f_s\simeq f_a\) can be as low as \(1\text { TeV}\): this ML\(\sigma \)M ALP can then be tested both at colliders and at flavour factories. Moreover, this model does not present any fine-tuning.

Finally, a corrected version of the article is also available on the arXiv (arXiv:1710.10500).

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