Erratum to: Collider Interplay for Supersymmetry, Higgs and Dark Matter

  • O. BuchmuellerEmail author
  • M. Citron
  • J. Ellis
  • S. Guha
  • J. Marrouche
  • K. A. Olive
  • K. de Vries
  • Jiaming Zheng
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1 Erratum to: Eur. Phys. J. C (2015) 75:469 DOI 10.1140/epjc/s10052-015-3675-3

In Fig. 24 of the published version of this paper, the solid blue lines in the upper panels were plotted mistakenly using the mass of a heavier neutralino instead of the lightest neutralino. In fact, in the large-\(m_0\) region the lightest neutralino mass is always around 1 TeV. The upper panels of Fig. 24 should be replaced by the panels provided in this Erratum, where we display profiles in the \((m_0, m_{1/2})\) plane, rather than the \((m_0, m_\chi )\) planes plotted previously. The description of the upper panels in the caption of Fig. 24 should also be changed accordingly. However the discussion in the text is not affected by these changes. For completeness, we include in this Erratum also the lower panels of Fig. 24.
Fig. 1

Upper panels The solid blue lines are the profiles in the \((m_0, m_{1/2})\) plane of the focus-point strips for \(A_0 = 0\) and \(\tan \beta = 10\) (left panel), and \(A_0 = 0\) and \(\tan \beta = 52\) (right panel). Lower panels The solid blue lines are the profiles in the \((m_{1/2}, \delta m \equiv m_{\tilde{t}_1} - m_\chi )\) plane of the stop coannihilation strips for \(A_0/m_0 = 2.3\) and \(\tan \beta = 20\) (left panel), and \(A_0/m_0 = 3.0\) and \(\tan \beta = 20\) (right panel). The black, blue, green, purple and red lines in each panel are particle exclusion reaches for particle searches with LHC at 8 TeV, 300 and 3000/fb with LHC at 14 TeV, 3000/fb with HE-LHC at 33 TeV and 3000/fb with FCC-hh at 100 TeV, respectively. The solid lines are for generic \(/ E_T\) searches, and (in the lower panels) the dashed lines are for dedicated stop searches. The solid (dashed) green lines are central values (probable ranges) of \(m_h\) calculated using FeynHiggs 2.10.0, and the yellow band represents the experimental value of \(m_h\)

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