Instanton wave and M-wave in multiple M5-branes system

  • Chong-Sun ChuEmail author
  • Hiroshi Isono
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We consider the non-abelian self-dual two-form theory (Chu and Ko, J. High Energy Phys. 1205:028, 2012) and find new exact solutions. Our solutions are supported by Yang–Mills (anti)instantons in four dimensions and describe a wave moving in null directions. We argue and provide evidence that these instanton wave solutions correspond to an M-wave (MW) on the worldvolume of multiple M5-branes. When dimensionally reduced on a circle, the MW/M5 system is reduced to the D0/D4 system with the D0-branes represented by the Yang–Mills instanton of the D4-branes Yang–Mills gauge theory. We show that this picture is precisely reproduced by the dimensional reduction of our instanton wave solutions.


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It is our pleasure to thank Kazuyuki Furuuchi, Sheng-Lan Ko, Christian Saemann, Richard Szabo, Pichet Vanichchapongjaroen and Martin Wolf for discussions. CSC is supported in part by the STFC Consolidated Grant ST/J000426/1 and by the grant 101-2112-M-007-021-MY3 of the National Science Council, Taiwan.


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