Soft confinement in a 3-d spin system

  • K. OdagiriEmail author
  • T. Yanagisawa
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We consider a 1+3 dimensional spin system. The spin-wave (magnon) field is described by the O(3) non-linear sigma model with a symmetry-breaking potential. This interacts with a slow spin SU(2) doublet Schrödinger fermion. The interaction is described by a generalized nonperturbative Yukawa coupling, and the self-consistency condition is solved with the aid of a non-relativistic Gribov equation. When the Yukawa coupling is sufficiently strong, the solution exhibits supercriticality and soft confinement, in a way that is quite analogous to Gribov’s light-quark confinement theory.

The solution corresponds to a new type of spin polaron, whose condensation may lead to exotic superconductivity.


Green Function Yukawa Coupling False Vacuum Linear Dispersion Relation Spin Polaron 
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We thank H. Asai, H. Eisaki, I. Hase, M. Hashimoto and S. Kawabata for stimulating discussions.


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  1. 1.Electronics and Photonics Research InstituteNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyTsukubaJapan

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