Inclusive cross sections for gluon production in collision of two projectiles on two targets in the BFKL approach

  • M. A. BraunEmail author
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


Inclusive cross sections for gluon production in collision of two nucleons with two nucleons are studied in the BFKL approach. Various contributions include emission from the pomerons attached to the participants, from the BFKL interactions in between these pomerons and from the intermediate BKP state. The last contribution may be observable provided the growth with energy of the pomeron contribution is tamed in accordance with unitarity.


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This work has been supported by the RFFI grant 12-02-00356-a and the SPbSU grants 11.059.2010, and 11.38.660.2013.


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  1. 1.Dep. of High Energy physicsSaint-Petersburg State UniversityS. PetersburgRussia

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