Compactified rotating branes in the matrix model, and excitation spectrum towards one loop

  • Daniel N. BlaschkeEmail author
  • Harold C. Steinacker
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We study compactified brane solutions of type \(\mathbb{R}^{4} \times K\) in the IIB matrix model, and obtain explicitly the bosonic and fermionic fluctuation spectrum required to compute the one-loop effective action. We verify that the one-loop contributions are UV finite for \(\mathbb{R}^{4} \times T^{2}\), and supersymmetric for \(\mathbb{R}^{3} \times S^{1}\). The higher Kaluza–Klein modes are shown to have a gap in the presence of flux on T 2, and potential problems concerning stability are discussed.


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D.N. Blaschke is a recipient of an APART fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and is also grateful for the hospitality of the theory division of LANL and its partial financial support. The work of H.S. is supported by the Austrian Fonds für Wissenschaft und Forschung under grant P24713.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Theory DivisionLos Alamos National LaboratoryLos AlamosUSA
  2. 2.Faculty of PhysicsUniversity of ViennaViennaAustria

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