Particle acceleration in Horava–Lifshitz black holes

  • J. Sadeghi
  • B. PourhassanEmail author
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


In this paper we calculate the center-of-mass energy of two colliding test particles near the rotating and non-rotating Horava–Lifshitz black hole. For the case of a slowly rotating KS solution of Horava–Lifshitz black hole we compare our results with the case of Kerr black holes. We confirm the limited value of the center-of-mass energy for static black holes and unlimited value of the center-of-mass energy for rotating black holes. Numerically, we discuss temperature dependence of the center-of-mass energy on the black hole horizon. We obtain the critical angular momentum of particles. In this limit the center-of-mass energy of two colliding particles in the neighborhood of the rotating Horava–Lifshitz black hole could be arbitrarily high. We found appropriate conditions where the critical angular momentum could have an orbit outside the horizon. Finally, we obtain the center-of-mass energy corresponding to this circle orbit.


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