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Symplectic three-algebra and \(\mathcal{N}=6\), Sp(2NU(1) superconformal Chern–Simons-matter theory

  • Fa-Min ChenEmail author
  • Yong-Shi Wu
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We introduce an antisymmetric metric into a 3-algebra and call it a symplectic 3-algebra. The \(\mathcal{N}=6\), Sp(2NU(1) superconformal Chern–Simons-matter theory with SU(4) R-symmetry in three dimensions is constructed by specifying the 3-brackets in a symplectic 3-algebra. We also demonstrate that the \(\mathcal{N}=6\), U(MU(N) theory can be recast into this symplectic 3-algebraic framework.


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