Di-jet production in γ γ collisions at LEP2


The production of two high-p T jets in the interactions of quasi-real photons in e + e collisions at \(\sqrt{s_{ee}}\) from 189 GeV to 209 GeV is studied with data corresponding to an integrated e + e luminosity of 550 pb−1. The jets reconstructed by the k -cluster algorithm are defined within the pseudo-rapidity range −1<η<1 and with jet transverse momentum, p T , above 3 GeV/c. The differential di-jet cross-section is measured as a function of the mean transverse momentum \(\overline{p_{T}}\) of the jets and is compared to perturbative QCD calculations.


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  • Transverse Momentum
  • Lead Order
  • Multiple Parton Interaction
  • Parton Density Function
  • Hadronisation Correction