Electronic and optical properties of Cd1-xZnxS nanocrystals

  • N. SaftaEmail author
  • A. Sakly
  • H. Mejri
  • Y. Bouazra
Solid and Condensed State Physics


We report a numerical simulation of the conduction and valence band edges of Cd1-xZnxS nanocrystallites using a one — dimensional potential model. Electron — hole pairs are assumed to be confined in nanospheres of finite barrier heights. Optical absorption measurements are used to fit the bandgap of the Cd1-xZnxS nanocrystal material. A theoretical analysis is also made to calculate the energy location of bound excitons and the oscillator strength of interband transitions as a function of zinc composition. The aim of the latter study is to investigate the optical behavior of Cd1-xZnxS nanocrystals. An attempt to explain all the results is presented.


73.21.La Quantum dots 73.22.-f Electronic structure of nanoscale materials: clusters, nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanocrystals 71.55.Gs II-VI semiconductors 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Laboratoire de Physique des Semi-conducteurs et des Composants Électroniques, Faculté des SciencesMonastirTunisia
  2. 2.Unité de Physique Quantique, Faculté des SciencesMonastirTunisia
  3. 3.École Préparatoire aux Académies Militaires, Avenue Maréchal TitoSousseTunisia

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