Statistical approach of the modulational instability of the discrete self-trapping equation

  • A. VisinescuEmail author
  • D. Grecu
Original Paper


The discrete self-trapping equation (DST) represents an useful model for several properties of one-dimensional nonlinear molecular crystals. The modulational instability of DST equation is discussed from a statistical point of view, considering the oscillator amplitude as a random variable. A kinetic equation for the two-point correlation function is written down, and its linear stability is studied. Both a Gaussian and a Lorentzian form for the initial unperturbed wave spectrum are discussed. Comparison with the continuum limit (NLS equation) is carried out.


Correlation Function Statistical Point Kinetic Equation Statistical Approach Linear Stability 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Theoretical PhysicsNational Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering "Horia Hulubei"BucharestRomania

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