Aging phenomena in nonlinear dissipative chains

  • F. GobetEmail author
  • S. Ciliberto
  • T. Dauxois
Original Paper


We study the energy relaxation in a one-dimensional nonlinear lattice with dissipative couplings. After thermalisation of this system, the extremities of the chain are put in contact with a zero-temperature reservoir, showing the existence of surprising quasi-stationary states with non zero energy, tough the dissipative coupling is high. This strange behavior, due to long-lived nonlinear localized modes, induces stretched exponential relaxation laws. Furthermore, we observe a strong dependence on the waiting time tw after the quench of the two-time intermediate correlation function C(t w +t, t w ). This function can be scaled onto a master curve, similar to the case of spin or Lennard-Jones glasses.


Correlation Function Strong Dependence Localize Mode Master Curve Energy Relaxation 
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  1. 1.Laboratoire de PhysiqueUMR-CNRS 5672Lyon Cedex 07France

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