The 4He(e,e’p)3H reaction at JLab

  • Bodo Reitz for the Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration
Cold and hot nuclear matter


In the recent experiment E97-111 at Jefferson Lab the unseparated cross section for the (e,e’p) reaction on 4He was measured at recoil momenta up to 530 MeV/c. In the plane-wave impulse approximation, many calculations predict a sharp minimum in the cross section for recoil momenta around 450 MeV/c and show that its location is sensitive to the short-range part of the internucleon potential. However, reaction dynamic effects such as final-state interactions and meson-exchange currents can obscure such a minimum. To distinguish and study these effects data were taken at several different kinematic points. The preliminary results of the experiment are presented and compared to recent model calculations.


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  • Bodo Reitz for the Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration
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  1. 1.Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, Virginia 23606, USA

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