Simulation of a recoil mass spectrometer for measurement of differential quasi-elastic scattering cross sections

A semi-microscopic Monte Carlo code
  • Rohan Biswas
  • S. NathEmail author
Special Article - New Tools and Techniques


We report development of a semi-microscopic Monte Carlo code to calculate the transmission efficiency of a recoil mass spectrometer for quasi-elastic scattering. Realistic distributions of angle, energy and charge state of the forward-moving target-like ions are generated event by event. Particle trajectories are calculated employing first-order ion-optical transfer matrices. We present results for two test reactions, viz.\(^{16}\)O+\(^{116}\)Sn and \(^{58}\)Ni+\(^{116}\)Sn assuming Rutherford scattering at projectile energies near the Coulomb barrier. This work has an important application in determining barrier distributions from quasi-elastic back-scattering measurements employing recoil mass spectrometers. The code can also be utilized to simulate multi-nucleon transfer reactions and adapted for other similar recoil separators because of its modular structure.



One of the authors (R. B.) acknowledges Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi for financial support via grant no. CSIR/09/760(0030)/2017-EMR-I. The authors are thankful to Dr. G. O. Rodrigues for useful discussion on ion-optical calculation.


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