On the synthesis of 258Rf via p-deexcitation in the complete fusion reaction 50Ti + 209Bi

  • F. P. HeßbergerEmail author
Regular Article - Experimental Physics


Experimental data on evaporation residue production in the reaction 50Ti + 209Bi \(\rightarrow\)259Db* measured at SHIP in the excitation energy range \( E^{\ast} = 11-31\) MeV were reanalyzed with respect to search for products from pxn-deexcitation channels. While most of the measurements resulted only in upper cross section limits in the range \( \sigma = 5-50\) pb for p- and pn-deexcitation channels, a clear identification of the p-deexcitation channel was obtained at \( E^{\ast} = 21\) MeV. A value of \( \sigma(\mathrm{p}) = 18 \pm 8\) pb was measured.


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