Probing incomplete fusion dynamics and role of the projectile deformation in the 19F + 154Sm system

  • D. SinghEmail author
  • Pankaj K. Giri
  • Amritraj Mahato
  • Sneha B. Linda
  • R. Tripathi
  • Harish Kumar
  • M. Afzal Ansari
  • N. P. M. Sathik
  • Rahbar Ali
  • R. Kumar
  • S. Muralithar
  • R. P. Singh
Regular Article - Experimental Physics


Transition intensity distributions for evaporation residues 169-166 Lu(xn), 168, 167Yb(pxn), 168, 165, 164 Tm \( (\alpha\mathrm{xn})\), 165 Er \( (\alpha\mathrm{p3n})\), 162 Ho \( (2\alpha\mathrm{3n})\) and 163-160 Dy \( (2\alpha\mathrm{pxn})\) populated through complete and incomplete fusion in the 19F + 154Sm system have been measured. The feeding intensity patterns of incomplete fusion channels are found to have a narrow range feeding only for high spin states, while complete fusion channels are strongly fed over a broad spin range and widely populated. A comparative study of present measurements shows the effect of projectile deformation along with entrance channel mass asymmetry. Further, comparison of present results with the literature suggests that the mean input angular momentum values are relatively larger in the collision of a deformed projectile with a deformed target than that in the collision of a spherical projectile with a deformed target at the same relative velocity of incident projectile. However, ICF dynamics has also been found to be influenced by relative orientations (i.e. tip-tip or side-side) of the interacting partners. It means that there is more involvement of peripheral collisions between the deformed-deformed nuclei. The present analysis also shows that there is a projectile dependence on ICF dynamics, which would require more investigation. Present results of mean input angular momenta for different evaporation residues highlight the role of projectile deformation and orientations of interacting nuclei in the dynamics of incomplete fusion as well as complete fusion.



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  4. 4.Department of PhysicsJamal Mohamed CollegeTiruchirappalliIndia
  5. 5.Department of PhysicsG.F. (P.G.), CollegeShahjahanpurIndia
  6. 6.Nuclear Physics GroupInter-University Accelerator CentreNew DelhiIndia

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