Validation of two deterministic modelings of prompt emission in fission on the basis of recent experimental data

  • Anabella TudoraEmail author
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


New experimental prompt fission neutron and fragment data for 235U(n, f ) measured at JRC-Geel offer the possibility of a detailed validation of the PbP and sequential emission modelings. The very good agreement of the prompt neutron multiplicity matrices \(\nu (A,\mathrm{TKE})\) with these data constitutes a primary and valuable validation of the models themselves. Other data from this experiment are also well described by both model results obtained by averaging the corresponding multi-parametric matrices over an \(Y(A,\mathrm{TKE})\) distribution measured at JRC-Geel. This is considered as a secondary validation (i.e., of the models together with the \(Y(A,\mathrm{TKE})\) distribution).


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