Evaluation of high-precision atomic masses of A ∼ 50–80 and rare-earth nuclides measured with ISOLTRAP

  • W. J. HuangEmail author
  • D. Atanasov
  • G. Audi
  • K. Blaum
  • R. B. Cakirli
  • A. Herlert
  • M. Kowalska
  • S. Kreim
  • Yu. A. Litvinov
  • D. Lunney
  • V. Manea
  • M. Mougeot
  • M. Rosenbusch
  • L. Schweikhard
  • A. Welker
  • F. Wienholtz
  • R. N. Wolf
  • K. Zuber
Open Access
Regular Article - Experimental Physics


High-precision mass measurements of stable and beta-decaying nuclides 52-57Cr, 55Mn, 56,59Fe, 59Co, 75, 77-79Ga, and the lanthanide nuclides 140Ce, 140Nd, 160Yb, 168Lu, 178Yb have been performed with the Penning-trap mass spectrometer ISOLTRAP at ISOLDE/CERN. The new data are entered into the Atomic Mass Evaluation and improve the accuracy of masses along the valley of stability, strengthening the so-called backbone. The mass of neutron-deficient 168Lu in its isomeric state has been measured directly. The mass of neutron-rich 178Yb indicates a change of nuclear structure approaching the double harmonic-oscillator shell closure for \( Z=70\) and \( N=112\).



Open Access funding provided by Max Planck Society.


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  • W. J. Huang
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    Email author
  • D. Atanasov
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  • G. Audi
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  • K. Blaum
    • 2
  • R. B. Cakirli
    • 4
  • A. Herlert
    • 5
  • M. Kowalska
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  • S. Kreim
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    • 3
  • Yu. A. Litvinov
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  • D. Lunney
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  • V. Manea
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  • M. Mougeot
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  • M. Rosenbusch
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  • L. Schweikhard
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  • A. Welker
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  • F. Wienholtz
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  • R. N. Wolf
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    • 8
  • K. Zuber
    • 9
  1. 1.CSNSM-IN2P3/CNRS, Université Paris-SudOrsayFrance
  2. 2.Max-Planck-Institut für KernphysikHeidelbergGermany
  3. 3.CERNGeneva 23Switzerland
  4. 4.University of Istanbul, Department of PhysicsIstanbulTurkey
  5. 5.FAIR GmbHDarmstadtGermany
  6. 6.GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbHDarmstadtGermany
  7. 7.RIKEN Nishina CenterWakoJapan
  8. 8.Institut für PhysikUniversität GreifswaldGreifswaldGermany
  9. 9.Institut für Kern- und TeilchenphysikTechnische Universität DresdenDresdenGermany

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