Ytterbium (\(\gamma\), n) average cross-sections data near to photodisintegration reaction threshold

  • E. Vagena
  • S. StoulosEmail author
Regular Article - Experimental Physics


The thick foils activation technique has been applied to estimate the average cross-sections of 168,170,176Yb \((\gamma, \mathrm{n})\) reaction near to photodisintegration threshold. The \((\gamma, \mathrm{n})\) cross-sections are derived using the integrated photon flux at any energy range from the reaction threshold to the bremsstrahlung end-point energy. The photon flux is estimated using a calibration photodisintegration set of foils and taking in advance the spectrum linearity at high energies. The p-nuclei 168Yb average cross-section is \( 106 \pm 21\) mb corresponding to \(E_{\mathrm{mean}} = 10\) MeV. The 170Yb average cross section is \( 117 \pm 31\) mb matching \( E_{\mathrm{mean}} = 9\) MeV while the 176Yb one is \( 123 \pm 36\) mb corresponding to \( E_{\mathrm{mean}} = 8\) MeV. The experimental results associate to statistical model simulations performed by the TALYS code. The simulated data of 168Yb ranges 83–139 mb, while 170Yb and 176Yb vary between 89–152 and 84–170mb; which agree with the measurements within uncertainties. The simulated average cross-section of natYb \((\gamma, \mathrm{n})\) reaction is \( 127 \pm 25\) mb corresponding to energy ranges 6.6-14 MeV. The simulation results based on Lorentzian \( \gamma\)-strength considerations with the density level of Fermi gas plus the constant temperature model are closest to the average cross-sections measured.


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  1. 1.Nuclear Physics Lab., School of PhysicsAristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)ThessalonikiGreece

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