Thermal neutron capture cross-section and resonance integral measurements of 139La(n,\( \gamma\))140La and 140Ce(n,\( \gamma\))141Ce using a Am-Be neutron source

  • Priyada PanikkathEmail author
  • P. Mohanakrishnan
Regular Article - Experimental Physics


Thermal neutron capture cross-sections and resonance integrals of 139La(n,\( \gamma\))140La and 140Ce (n,\( \gamma\))141Ce are measured with respect to reference reactions 197Au(n,\( \gamma\))198Au and 55Mn(n,\( \gamma\))56Mn using the neutron activation technique. Measurements are carried out using neutrons from an Am-Be source located inside a concrete bunker. Two different methods are used for determining self-shielding factors of activation foils as well as for finding the epithermal neutron spectrum shape factor. For 139 La with reference to 197 Au and 55 Mn the measured thermal cross sections are \( 9.24 \pm 0.25\) b and \( 9.28 \pm 0.37\) b, respectively, while the measured resonance integrals are \( 12.18 \pm 0.67\) b and \( 11.81 \pm 0.94\) b, respectively. For 140 Ce with reference to 197 Au and 55 Mn the measured thermal cross sections are \( 0.44 \pm 0.01\) b and \( 0.44 \pm 0.02\) b, respectively, while the measured resonance integrals are \( 0.55 \pm 0.03\) b and \( 0.54 \pm 0.04\) b, respectively. The present measurements are compared with earlier measurements and evaluations. Presently estimated values confirm the established 139La(n,\( \gamma\))140La cross-sections. The presently measured thermal capture cross-section 140Ce(n,\( \gamma\))141Ce , though lower than the evaluated data, is having higher accuracy compared to previous measurements with large uncertainties. The resonance integral measured is higher (like most previous measurements) than most evaluations requiring a revision of the evaluated data.


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