Diffractive dissociation in proton-nucleus collisions at collider energies

  • G. Sampaio dos Santos
  • M. V. T. MachadoEmail author
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


The cross section for the nuclear diffractive dissociation in proton-lead collisions at the LHC is estimated. Based on the current theoretical uncertainties for the single (target) diffactive cross section in hadron-hadron reactions one obtains \( \sigma^{pA\rightarrow pX}_{SD}(\sqrt{s}= 5.02 TeV)=19.67\pm 5.41\) mb and \( \sigma^{pA\rightarrow pX}_{SD} (\sqrt{s}=8.8 TeV) = 18.76\pm 5.77\) mb, respectively. The invariant mass MX for the reaction \( p Pb \rightarrow pX\) is also analyzed. Discussion is performed on the main theoretical uncertainties associated to the calculations.


Large Hadron Collider Helio Inelastic Cross Section Large Hadron Collider Energy Diffractive Dissociation 
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  1. 1.High Energy Physics Phenomenology GroupGFPAE IF-UFRGSPorto Alegre, RSBrazil

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