Resummation of in-medium ladder diagrams: s-wave effective range and p-wave interaction

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A recent work on the resummation of fermionic in-medium ladder diagrams to all orders is extended by considering the effective range correction in the s-wave interaction and a (spin-independent) p-wave contact-interaction. A two-component recursion generates the in-medium T-matrix at any order when off-shell terms spoil the factorization of multi-loop diagrams. The resummation to all orders is achieved in the form of a geometrical series for the particle-particle ladders, and through an arctangent-function for the combined particle-particle and hole-hole ladders. One finds that the effective range correction changes the results in the limit of large scattering length considerably, with the effect that the Bertsch parameter ξn nearly doubles. Applications to the equation of state of neutron matter at low density are also discussed. For the p-wave contact-interaction the resummation to all orders is facilitated by decomposing tensorial loop-integrals with a transversal and a longitudinal projector. The enhanced attraction provided by the p-wave ladder series has its origin mainly in the coherent sum of Hartree and Fock contributions.

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