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Photonuclear reactions of actinides in the giant dipole resonance region

  • Tapan Mukhopadhyay
  • D. N. BasuEmail author
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


Photonuclear reactions at energies covering the giant dipole resonance (GDR) region are analyzed with an approach based on nuclear photoabsorption followed by the process of competition between light-particle evaporation and fission for the excited nucleus. The photoabsorption cross-section at energies covering the GDR region is contributed by both the Lorentz-type GDR cross-section and the quasi-deuteron cross-section. The evaporation-fission process of the compound nucleus is simulated in a Monte Carlo framework. Photofission reaction cross-sections are analyzed in a systematic manner in the energy range of ∼ 10-20 MeV for the actinides 232Th , 238U and 237Np . Photonuclear cross-sections for the medium-mass nuclei 63Cu and 64Zn , for which there are no fission events, are also presented. The study reproduces satisfactorily the available experimental data of photofission cross-sections at GDR energy region and the increasing trend of nuclear fissility with the fissility parameter Z 2/A for the actinides.


Compound Nucleus 237Np Neutron Emission Giant Dipole Resonance Photonuclear Reaction 
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  1. 1.Variable Energy Cyclotron CentreKolkataIndia

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