Visualizing color plasma instabilities

  • M. StricklandEmail author
Quark-Gluon-Plasma Thermalization


I discuss recent advances in the understanding of non-equilibrium gauge field dynamics in plasmas which have particle distributions which are locally anisotropic in momentum space. In contrast to locally isotropic plasmas such anisotropic plasmas have a spectrum of soft unstable modes which are characterized by exponential growth of transverse (chromo)-magnetic fields at short times. The long-time behavior of such instabilities depends on whether or not the gauge group is Abelian or non-Abelian. I will report on recent numerical simulations which attempt to determine the long-time behavior of an anisotropic non-Abelian plasma within hard-loop effective theory. For novelty I will present an interesting method for visualizing the time dependence of SU(2) gauge field configurations produced during our numerical simulations.


11.15.-q Gauge field theories 11.10.Wx Finite-temperature field theory 52.35.Qz Microinstabilities (ion-acoustic, two-stream, loss-cone, beam-plasma, drift, ion- or electron-cyclotron, etc.) 


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