Fission fragment production from uranium carbide disc targets

  • A. AndrighettoEmail author
  • S. Cevolani
  • C. Petrovich
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A possible solution for a target system aimed at the production of exotic nuclei as a result of high-energy fissions in 238U compounds has been analyzed. The configuration proposed is constituted by a primary proton beam (40 MeV, 0.4 mA) directly impinging on a UC2 multiple-disc target inserted within a cylindrical tungsten box. In order to extract the fission fragments, the tungsten box has to be kept at 2000 °C. This system has been conceived to obtain both a high number of fission fragments (about 2 . 1013 atoms/s) and a quite low power deposition in the target. The power release and the fragment distribution have been calculated by means of the Monte Carlo code MCNPX. The thermal analysis of the proposed configuration shows the capability of the thermal radiation to cool the discs with a reasonable margin below the material melting point. Moreover, the possibility of increasing such margin with simple modifications of the target design is shown by means of parametric analyses. The thermal analysis of the tungsten box, also cooled by radiation, points out the necessity to heat it and/or shield it thermally, in order to take it at the requested temperature. Preliminary calculations of the target-induced activity have also been performed.


29.25.Rm Sources of radioactive nuclei 24.10.Lx Monte Carlo simulations (including hadron and parton cascades and string breaking models) 25.85.Ge Charged-particle-induced fission 


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