The 16 O(e,epp)14 C reaction to discrete final states

  • J. RyckebuschEmail author
  • W. Van Nespen


Differential cross-sections for exclusive 16O(e,epp)14C processes are computed within a distorted-wave framework which includes central short-range correlations and intermediate \(\Delta^ + \) excitations. The cross-sections are compared to high-resolution data from the MAMI facility at Mainz for a central energy and momentum transfer of \(\langle \omega \rangle = 215\) MeV and \(\langle q \rangle = 316\) MeV, respectively. A fair agreement between the numerical calculations and data is reached when using spectroscopic information extracted from a 15N \((d,^{3}{\rm He})^{14}\)C experiment. The comparison between the calculations and the data provides additional evidence that short-range correlations exclusively affect nucleon pairs with a small center-of-mass momentum residing in a relative S state.


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