\(\pi\pi\) correlations in \(\gamma + A\) reactions

  • J. G. MesschendorpEmail author


Preliminary differential cross-sections of the reactions \(A(\gamma,\pi^{0}\pi^{0})\) and \(A(\gamma,\pi^{0}\pi^ + + \pi^{0}\pi^-)\) with A = 1 H, 12 C, and nat Pb are presented. A significant nuclear-mass dependence of the \(\pi\pi\) invariant-mass distribution is found in the \(\pi^{0}\pi^{0}\) channel. The dependence is not observed in the \(\pi^{0}\pi^{\pm}\) channel. The in-medium observation in the \(\pi^{0}\pi^{0}\) channel is consistent with an in-medium modification of the \(\pi\pi\) interaction in the I = J = 0 channel, changing width and pole position of a \(\pi\pi\) resonant state.


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