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Altai Krai under Conditions of Economic Instability: Key Trends and Features of Development


The article presents the results of monitoring the socioeconomic development of Altai krai in the context of economic instability. The features of development of a typical agroindustrial region are revealed. Along with the characteristics of the dynamics of real sector of the economy, shifts in the investment sphere of the krai, changes in the standard of living, state of the labor market, etc., were considered. It was concluded that under conditions of a structural crisis, the regional economy, compared with the economy of the “average Russian” region, turned out to be more adapted, with a less pronounced reaction to deterioration of the external economic situation. For Altai krai, the lagging nature of crisis in combination with a faster exit from it is noted. Relatively low adaptation of the regional labor market and insufficient growth rates of living standards to overcome the historically established lag behind Russia were also recorded.

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Correspondence to A. Ya. Trotskovskii or Yu. A. Perekarenkova.

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A more detailed version of the article published in Region: Ekonomika i Sotsiologiya, 2018, no. 1 (97), pp. 69–92.

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Trotskovskii, A.Y., Perekarenkova, Y.A. Altai Krai under Conditions of Economic Instability: Key Trends and Features of Development. Reg. Res. Russ. 9, 44–52 (2019).

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  • Altai krai
  • socioeconomic development monitoring
  • economic instability
  • stages of economic development
  • key trends
  • characteristics and features of the krai