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The dynamics of mobile iodine forms in components of arid ecosystems of the Western Caspians


Multiyear studies on the dynamics of iodine accumulation and migration processes in the soil–plant system are summarized. The characteristics of seasonal rhythms of iodine consumption by natural vegetation and agrophytocenosis are given, and the role of soil humus in the accumulation of mobile forms of iodine are defined. Indicators of the seasonal cycle and the dynamics of the outflow of mobile element forms from soil to plant vegetative organs are described. The reserves of total iodine forms indicate potential enrichment with mobile forms and the elimination of iodine deficiency of the soils of the Western Caspian Sea region.

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Original Russian Text © N.T. Gadzhimusieva, A.A. Saidieva, 2017, published in Aridnye Ekosistemy, 2017, Vol. 23, No. 2(71), pp. 70–76.

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  • iodine
  • mobile fraction
  • natural cenosis
  • chestnut soil
  • phytomass
  • vegetative organs