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Assessment of the structure of the variability of morphological signs of Trifolium medium L. introduced under the conditions of mountainous dagestan

  • Applied Problems of Arid Lands Development
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Arid Ecosystems Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The structure of the variability of the morphological (dimensional and quantitative) signs of the reproductive shoot of the zigzag clover Trifolium medium L., the seeds of which were collected according to the altitude factor, was studied under the conditions of its introduction in mountainous Dagestan (1100 m above sea-level). An assessment is given for the variability of vegetative and generative morphological signs.

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Original Russian Text © U.H. Khumaeva, A.D. Khabibov, P.M.-S. Muratchaeva, 2016, published in Aridnye Ekosistemy, 2016, Vol. 22, No. 2(67), pp. 78–86.

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Khumaeva, U.H., Khabibov, A.D. & Muratchaeva, P.MS. Assessment of the structure of the variability of morphological signs of Trifolium medium L. introduced under the conditions of mountainous dagestan. Arid Ecosyst 6, 135–141 (2016).

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