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Hydrothermal conditions of species composition and phytocenose productivity in the Terek-Kuma lowland


The dynamics of evaporation, the moisture coefficient, and other climate indicators over the last 120 years have been analyzed. The integrals of aridity and moisture of an area in 2011–2012 have been estimated, as well as the relationship between them and the accumulation of an aboveground phytomass with respect to seasons and years of study.

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Original Russian Text © G.N. Hasanov, T.A. Asvarova, K.M. Hajiyev, Z.N. Akhmedova, A.S. Abdulaeva, R.R. Bashirov, M.S. Sultanakhmedov, S.A. Salihov, 2014, published in Aridnye Ekosistemy, 2014, Vol. 4, No. 4(61), pp. 111–117.

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  • evaporation
  • coefficient of moisture
  • integral of moisture
  • species composition
  • phytomass accumulation