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Monitoring changes in soil dispersity and humus content under increasingly arid climate conditions


This paper is dedicated to an assessment of the balance states of a polydisperse soil system and soil humus content under increasingly arid climate. We found a general principle, which could be described using a mathematical model, of correlation and interdependence between the humus content in physical clay, that in the soil, and the dynamic balance constants of a polydisperse soil system.

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Original Russian Text © V.S. Kryshchenko, T.V. Rybianets, N.Y. Kravtsova, O.A. Biriukova, I.V. Zamulina, 2014, published in Aridnye Ekosistemy, 2014, Vol. 4, No. 3(60), pp. 117–127.

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Kryshchenko, V.S., Rybianets, T.V., Kravtsova, N.Y. et al. Monitoring changes in soil dispersity and humus content under increasingly arid climate conditions. Arid Ecosyst 4, 220–227 (2014).

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  • polydisperse soil system
  • particle-size fractions
  • humus
  • mathematical model