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Ecosystem responses to hydrological regime changes in the steppe zone

  • Systematic Study of Arid Territories
  • Published:
Arid Ecosystems Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Recent changes in climate and human activities have caused large-scale transformation of the hydrological regime of territories and, as a consequence, hydrogenic transformation of the biota in both hydromorphic and automorphic landscapes. In the European part of Russia, these processes are widespread in the forest steppe and steppe zones. This study aims to consider changes in vegetation as a component of terrestrial ecosystems of the steppe zone on the local level, which can reveal a variety of trends in their dynamics on the scale of the steppe biome.

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Original Russian Text © N.M. Novikova, N.A. Volkova, S.S. Ulanova, I.B. Shapovalova, A.A. Vyshivkin, 2011, published in Aridnye Ekosistemy, 2011, Vol. 17, No. 3(48), pp. 39–49.

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