Genotoxic effects of the combined influence of radon and heavy metals depending on polymorphism of genes of monooxygenase system enzymes


The correlation between the level of chromosomal aberrations and CYP1A genotypes in adolescents of the Tashtagol boarding school (Kemerovo region) exposed to a combined effect of high doses of radon and heavy metals has been studied. It was found that the level of chromosomal aberrations shows a statistically significantly increase in carriers of at least one CYP1A1*2A (A2455G) allele. The frequency of ring chromosomes shows a statistically significant increase in carriers of the CYP1A1 *1A*1A (T3801C) genotype. The frequency of multiple chromosomal aberrations was higher in carriers of the CYP1A2*1A*1A genotype. A conclusion on the important role of polymorphic CYP1A loci in genotoxic effects of radon and heavy metals is made.

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