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Influence of heat treatment parameters on the structure and mechanical properties of a titanium VT6 alloy in the submicrocrystalline state

New Methods of Production and Treatment of Materials


The effect of additional annealing on the structure and mechanical properties of the titanium VT6 alloy in the submicrocrystalline state is studied. It is shown that the annealing at 833 K for 20 min does not significantly affect the mechanically properties of the alloy at room temperature. However, this annealing severely deteriorates the superplastic properties of the alloy. Annealing at 873 K for 5 min results in a sharp decrease in the strength properties of the alloy at room temperature (by about 20%). Nevertheless, the superplastic properties of the alloy after this annealing are the highest ones among those considered in this work. It is assumed that the state of grain boundaries plays the decisive role in the development of the superplastic flow of the VT6 alloy after three-dimensional pressing and subsequent annealing.


titanium alloys submicrocrystalline structure severe plastic deformation mechanical properties superplasticity annealing 


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