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Intensification of processes of electrodeposition of metals by use of various modes of pulse electrolysis

Physicochemical Principles of Design of Materials and Technologies


Investigations of the influence of various modes of electrolysis on the speed of processes of electrodeposition of metals are conducted. On the basis of theoretical investigations, the main potential opportunities for process intensification when using an pulsed current for processes whose speed is defined by mass transfer and charge transfer are defined. Weakly toxic electrolytes based on lactic acid are developed for formation of electroplatings by nickel, zinc, and tin; optimum parameters of stationary, galvanostatic, and potentsiostatic pulse electrolysis are determined. Investigations of kinetic regularities of the process of electrodeposition of metals are conducted, and the limiting stages of processes are defined. It is established that the greatest impact on the speed of electrodeposition of metals is exerted by potentiostatic pulse electrolysis. It is revealed that, to a greater degree, the intensification when using a pulsed current is characteristic of processes whose speed is limited by mass transfer.


pulse electrolysis intensification electroplated coatings process speed current density 


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