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Effects of PLL Architecture on MEMS Gyroscope Performance


Phase-Locked Loops (PLL) may be included into modern MEMS gyroscopes to provide excitation of inertial mass oscillations, as well as to form clock signal for digital signal processing in an integrated circuit. This paper considers the impact of PLL architecture on MEMS gyroscope performance and its estimation. It is shown that the proposed Double Sampling Phase-Locked Loop (DSPLL) architecture makes it possible to improve the accuracy of MEMS gyroscopes due to high synchronization rate, as well as higher frequency stability as compared to the widely used Charge Pump Phase-Locked Loop (CP-PLL) and the Sampling Phase-Locked Loop (SPLL).

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This work was supported by the Leading Scientific School of the Russian Federation, project Sh-4196.2022.1.1 and Grant SPbU (Pure ID 75207094, sections 4–6).

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