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Preventing Resonant Motion Modes for Low-Altitude CubeSat Nanosatellites


Resonant modes of motion, manifested as a significant increase in the oscillation amplitude of the spatial angle of attack, can result in the failure of the CubeSat mission. This paper is concerned with the study of the resonant motion modes of aerodynamically stabilized CubeSat nanosatellites in low circular orbits with small inertia and mass asymmetry. In contrast to axisymmetric bodies of rotation, resonances in CubeSat nanosatellites can be caused not only by small asymmetry, but they also arise due to the form factor of the rectangular parallelepiped. Formulas have been obtained to determine the critical values of the nanosatellite longitudinal angular velocity at which the conditions for the emergence of resonant motion modes are fulfilled. An approach is proposed to prevent possible resonances for CubeSat nanosatellites.

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This work was accomplished in the framework of Project no. 0777-2020-0018, which provided financial support to the winners of the competition among scientific laboratories of educational institutions under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

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