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A Fast Search-Free Algorithm for Star Sensor Frame Identification by Star Configurations. A Version of Onboard Implementation

Abstract—The paper presents a method for identifying the frame of a star sensor (SS), based on determination of the star local features allowing its unique recognition. The star identifiers are located in a multidimensional integer feature space, and the relevant feature catalog presents a disperse array, which provides search-free star determination. Examples of onboard implementation of feature catalog are presented, containing the stars up to magnitude of six. The required memory is estimated, and a method is proposed for compressing the feature catalog to be recorded in the onboard computer memory. The frame identification algorithm using the reduced feature catalog is described in detail. The algorithm was tested on real sky frames.

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We thank M.S. Tuchin from Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow, for participation in the computations and tests.


This study has been supported by the Russian Science Foundation, grant No. 18-19-00452.

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  • star recognition
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