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Gyroscope on de Broglie Waves: Intricate Things in Simple Words


The paper addresses the operating principles of a gyroscopic device of a new type: a gyroscope on de Broglie waves. The sensitive element of such a gyroscope is an atomic interferometer, whose main components are described and the technical challenges of its development are discussed. The target audience of this paper is the readers who do not have a profound knowledge of the quantum physics.

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  1. In fact, after coherent splitting, each atom (atomic wavepacket) moves along different trajectories simultaneously. When a beam is split according to the states \(\left| 1 \right\rangle \) and \(\left| 2 \right\rangle \), each atom transits into a coherent superposition of the states \(\left| 1 \right\rangle \) and \(\left| 2 \right\rangle \), either of which it can take with a 50% probability. This effect is paradoxical in terms of classical physics and can be misunderstood by a neophyte reader. That is why the authors, in their attempt to make the work as transparent as possible, intentionally explain the process of atomic beams splitting in the AI in a more clear way, although not absolutely correct

  2. The readers should understand that Fig. 7 shows an illustrative schematic image created for better perception, rather than a real experimental pattern, because in a real experiment, like in any AI, there is superposition of atoms which cannot be observed without destroying it.


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  • Sagnac effect
  • gyroscope on de Broglie waves
  • atomic interferometer
  • magneto-optical trap
  • “laser whiskbroom”
  • Raman excitation