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Catalyst for selective hydrotreating of catalytic cracking gasoline without preliminary fractionation


A new CoMo catalyst for selective hydrotreating of FCC gasoline has been developed; the catalyst is intended for the production of hydrotreated gasoline with up to 10 ppm of sulfur and with a research octane number decreased by less than 1.0. The new catalyst allows hydrotreating of FCC gasoline without its preliminary separation into the light and heavy fractions. The hydrotreating conditions were as follows: hourly space velocity 2.2 h–1, temperature 270°C, pressure 2.5 MPa, H2/feed = 150 m3/m3. The high degree of hydrodesulfurization at minimum decrease in the octane number is achieved due to the high activity of the developed catalyst in hydrodesulfurization of the sulfur-containing components of the feedstock and conversion of reactive high-octane olefins of FCC gasoline into less reactive derivatives with high octane numbers. The catalyst is a CoMoS phase deposited on a support containing amorphous aluminosilicate and γ-Al2O3. The method for the preparation of the catalyst is adapted to the equipment of Russian plants and feedstocks. The parameters of hydrotreating using this catalyst ensure the hydrotreating of FCC gasoline to a residual sulfur content of less than 10 ppm with minimum redesign of the equipment currently available at Russian refineries.

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  • hydrotreatment
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  • FCC gasoline
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